These are the brands we’ve used and use with our big dog Nellie. These met or exceeded the requirements we have when choosing a CBD brand for your dog. We also have an regularly updated page on CBD scams to avoid.

Best CBD Stores For Dogs

  • Green Roads – This is my goto site for both human and pet CBD products. For pets I specifically use this CBD oil KingKalmCBD in the Pro Strength edition. It’s vet approved, current lab results provided and 100% USA based hemp. They won the “Best CBD Product” award at the 2018 Cannabis Business Awards. What I especially like is that they provide the results to current 3rd party lab test results for each of their products right up front. I don’t have to email their support team or search deep into their website to find out the information I’m looking for. I trust that I am buying the highest quality product I can find here at Green Roads.
  • HolistaPet – They pride themselves on creating CBD products specifically for pets from all natural, organic and vegan superfoods. If you want organic CBD treats for your dog check these guys out. There are no bad fillers in their mixes and they focus on just pet CBD products. They have three unique treat formulas they call the ‘Heart and Immune Care’, Joint & mobility Care (this is the one we use for big Nellie) and the Stress and Anxiety relief version for the anxious dogs. They also have dosage guide by dog size you can refer to to help fine tune your dosage.
  • Canna-Pet – Canna-Pet has been in the CBD business about as long as any of the other companies. They received a warning from the FDA back in 2015 about their products being drugs and that they had to be advertised differently. That was a long time ago, a lot has changed with the legality of CBD in the USA since then. You can buy from these guys in confidence, they have a wide range of CBD for pet products. Many organic.

More companies coming soon including Lazarus Naturals, HempMyPet, Honestpaws, Joy Organics and possibly a few others if they make the cut.

Best CBD Dog Treats

Mmm, the taste of a dog treat…. so yummy!

I kid, I kid… But really using the treats is one of the easiest ways to dose your pupper with CBD.

Once you find a CBD dog biscuit or treat your fur ball will eat, giving your dog CBD will be super simple. Knowing how picky or finicky your dog is will determine which dog treat is best for you.

I’m going to list out some of the best selling treats we see across our trusted vendors. We’ve tried some of the HolistaPet “Joint & Mobility Care” treats. She eats them ok, she’s not a big food motivated dog anyway. Unless it comes to steak. She enjoys steak. Anyway, each dog is different but here is what’s out there:

HolistaPet – Again these guys focus only on pet CBD products and they make three types of dog biscuit treats using high quality products, organic and vegan superfoods.

HonestPaws – I’m listing these guys because they have a CBD infused peanut butter that is something not found at HolistaPet or GreenRoads. They have a lot of different pet CBD treats and products. There have three flavors of treats including peanut butter, turmeric and coconut. We have not tried the peanut butter yet but it’s on the short list for “Big Nell”.

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