As I began searching for the best cbd oil for my dog I found that the industry is rife with scams, frauds and deception. There are schemes that range from ‘fake CBD oil’ that is not actual CBD to companies that sign people up for expensive and hard to cancel re-bills.

This page is to list out the companies, products and websites that represent the sites to avoid when buying CBD. If you want to take a look at the product I ended up buying for Big Nellie, see this page.

  • Fake CBD Suppliers – These guys sell ‘CBD’ that is not really pure CBD. Or they use the unsafe extraction methods that I want to avoid that include pesticides, solvents and who knows what else in the extraction process.
  • Brands That Have Poor Reputations – These are scams per-say, but just companies that I don’t want to risk my money with. Low budget re-sellers and white-label companies are everywhere in this industry.
  • MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) Schemes and related sales channels. I don’t need an old friend from high school to sell me CBD and essential oils. I’m for both of those products but I want to buy from source company, not from a multi-level marketing boss babe.
  • Re-bill Companies – These companies goal is to get you to agree to a subscription based purchase that is super difficult to cancel and way more expensive than need be over time(CBD is expensive enough by itself!). These look like you are buying an order of CBD for a good price (which you often are) but then you are fine print agreeing to an on-going, next to impossible to cancel automatic re-bill and re-ship subscription that makes your overall cost go way, way up.

Many of these CBD companies may not be scams per say. However they are just places that we are not comfortable purchasing from.

I want to buy from the most reputable CBD companies online today. I want to know I’m getting quality product, value and that my transaction is secured.

I want to make sure I am not getting ripped off or paying too much compared to what I can get from the legit sellers.

Most importantly I want to make sure that the purity of the CBD products is tip top. I don’t want any fake, chemical added mixture that I have no idea what is being ingested.

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