We’re just a dog family. It’s just how it is. That big white pupper there in the front is Big Nellie, and she’s the inspiration behind this site.

Nellie is a five and a half year old Great Pyrenees.

Here is Big Nellie taking a snooze on her favorite spot on the couch.

She’s an awesome dog. Smart, independent and loving, playful, funny and an amazing addition to our family.

When she’s feeling good and loving life she makes this hilarious sounding “grumble” when she lays down, in a playful and exuberant “zoomies” kind of way.

I’m going to get video of it to show you guys what I mean. But our family loves it and it means big Nell is feeling good, loving life and is totally pain free.

She’s over five years old now. Which is around middle aged for a great pyr. At only around two and a half years old we noticed her having some pain in her back legs when she would try to get up and down on the couch to sit with us.

She would come over and just put her front paws up on the couch and look at us like can you help me up dad?

It wasn’t all the time this happened.

We first started noticing it after she had been way more physically active than her usual routine of patrolling our back yard of about an acre and a half or so.

We had taken her out to my grandparents house who live on a big farm in the country and we all hiked with her running freely with us for 4 miles or so. When we came home we expected her to be tired, and she was, but the next day she was also clearly in pain.

Not able to get up on the couch with some whimpering. She was certainly not nearly her normal active self.

I didn’t think too much of it since we had been all over the countryside with her running all around in front and around us the entire time. I figured she was a little sore. She did seem to feel better in a few days but we kept an eye on things and noticed it started happening more often.

Even when we weren’t extra physically active with her by taking long walks in the woods near our house or taking her for walks around the neighborhood.

My wife started doing some research and it seems like hip and joint pain is a somewhat common ailment in this breed suffers from. We all hated to see our Nellie Wilson in pain.

We talked to our vet and they recommended some (can’t remember) name of the pill and we would give them to her on occassion and it has worked ok when needed.

In late 2018 we started hearing about CBD oil and it’s benefits for both humans and dogs.

And the research began.

As I began looking into everything I realized that I had a lot of questions, a lot of learning and a lot of information to sift through.

If I had all this research to do then so do tons of other doggo moms and dads.

In March of 2019 I decided to start ‘DogsCBDguide.com’ to help others decipher the tons of information out there when researching the best for their pups.

I wanted to make sure I found the safest CBD for dogs on the market and make sure we did everything right to the best of my knowledge for big Nellie.

I’m chronicling and detailing everything I can find here with links out to where I found it at. I’m trying mostly to find Veterinarian published or approved information where ever I can.

The tons of genuine ancedotal evidence is super encouraging and what I really believe in.

Welcome To My Dogs CBD Guide Site!

I hope for this site to be a informational resource on your search for finding the best for your furry family member.

As always make sure you do your own research and discuss with your Vet any and everything when it comes to your pet.

And here is lil Sophie saying hello too!

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