Among the many legal questions you may have regarding CBD oil, one of them might be whether you need your veterinarian to provide you with a prescription before you can order CBD for your dog.

The short answer to this question is, “no.” But let’s provide a more detailed response.

Can Your Vet Even Discuss CBD With You?

Despite the fact that you should be able to ask your veterinarian about anything regarding your pet’s health and receive a useful response, legally, what your vet can discuss with you may be restricted by law.

The American Kennel Club quotes the an Veterinary Medical Association as stating the following:

“Under current federal and state law, veterinarians may not administer, dispense, prescribe or recommend cannabis or its products for animals.” 

Technically, this does not prevent your vet from simply talking about CBD with you. But it does mean that they are prevented from recommending it in any fashion.

It should be noted that some of the states are trying to make changes to their own laws regarding this issue.

How seriously do veterinarians take this rule? That depends on the vet. Some veterinarians may shy away from any discussion about CBD whatsoever, while others may be more willing to cross—or at least smudge—the line with this law.

You can probably figure out based on your vet’s personality and politics whether discussing CBD at your appointment will be of value to you or not.

Why Don’t You Need a CBD Oil Prescription?

I have already mentioned that you do not need a prescription to purchase CBD oil for your dog. But why is this the case?

The reason is that CBD oil is classified as an herbal supplement, not a prescription medication.

Keep in mind that this would not be the case if you are purchasing a product which contained a significant amount of THC. This would qualify it as a medical marijuana product rather than simply a CBD oil product.

When shopping for CBD for your pet, however, you are avoiding products which contain significant amounts of THC to begin with. This is necessary for the safety of your dog.

Big or small, that’s your dog who loves and trusts you. How safe do you want them to be?

Two Very Good Reasons to Talk About CBD Oil With Your Vet

Even though you do not need your veterinarian to give you a prescription for CBD oil, there are two reasons that you should strongly consider talking to your vet about your plans.

Remember, even though your veterinarian may not be able to recommend CBD to you (depending on your state), he or she can still listen.

The first reason is that it is important for your veterinarian to know all of the medications and supplements you are giving your dog.

Otherwise, your vet cannot take steps to help you avoid negative interactions.

Although CBD is safe for the majority of dogs, there are some pets that should avoid taking it.

The American Kennel Club for example says that one of the possible risks of CBD for dogs is, “Decreased liver enzyme activities used to metabolize prescription drugs.”

If your dog has a healthy liver and/or isn’t taking any prescription drugs which are likely to lose effectiveness because of CBD oil, this isn’t an issue.

Oh yeah man, we’re here for the glaucoma test, *wink.

But some dogs with certain liver conditions or medication needs may need to avoid CBD oil.

If you let your veterinarian know that you are or will be giving your dog CBD, he or she can let you know if any of these red flag concerns exist.

The second reason to think about bringing up CBD with your vet is insurance.

Most pet owners do not have health insurance for their dogs, but if you do, you should check your policy.

Some policies actually provide coverage for CBD products. You might be able to purchase your CBD at a discount if you get a recommendation from your vet.

Depending on the specific state laws where you live, you may or may not be able to get this recommendation.

But if you can obtain it, it can save you money on your CBD expenses for your pet.

At the time of this writing, it is unlikely that you will be able to get such a recommendation, even if you live in a state like California which has legalized medical marijuana.

The Veterinary Medical Board explains, “There is nothing in California law that would allow a veterinarian to prescribe, recommend, or approve marijuana for treating animals. Veterinarians are in violation of California law if they are incorporating cannabis into their practices.”

So why do I bring it up? Because laws are changing rapidly with regards to cannabis, marijuana and CBD. This is especially true at the state level.

So there is always a chance that the laws were you live could soon loosen up with regards to CBD and veterinary practices.

If that happens, your vet may be able to write you that recommendation your insurance is requesting.

“I’ve actually already talked to my vet, but she didn’t say how to give the dog some CBD”
Well fear not. Just take a look over here at this.

Conclusion: You Do Not Need a Vet Prescription for CBD for Dogs, But Talking to Your Vet Is Wise

To sum up what we have learned, you do not need a veterinary prescription to purchase and administer CBD for your dog. Indeed, chances are good that your veterinarian cannot currently recommend CBD to you at all.

But it is still wise to make sure that your vet is fully aware of how you plan to treat your dog. That way, your vet has a chance to warn you of any potentially adverse interactions.

If your vet currently or in the future is able to legally write you a recommendation for CBD, this may lead to cost breaks through your pet insurance.

Hopefully, most of your questions regarding CBD and veterinarians have now been answered. Your vet should be able to answer the rest.

Since your vet cannot recommend specific CBD products to you, we suggest taking a look at our product reviews to discover high-quality, trusted CBD supplements for your dog.

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