We would like to believe that the supplements we purchase for ourselves and for our pets contain exactly what they say they do on the label. In an ideal world with rigorous regulation, this would probably be the case.

But supplements are very poorly regulated at this point in time. That means that we need to go the extra mile to make sure that supplements such as CBD oil for dogs contain what they are advertised to, no more and no less.

There are two aspects to establishing the quality of a CBD oil product:

  • Purity
  • Potency

This is true whether you are shopping for CBD oil for your dog or for yourself.

That’s your dog. Of course you want to be sure of what you are feeding them.

Thankfully, you do not necessarily need to take the manufacturer’s word for it that what you see is what you get. Today, supplement manufacturers are increasingly contracting with third-party laboratories to have their products tested.

This is a trend that we are seeing across the supplements industry, but CBD oil manufacturers are very much leading the way.

In terms of potency, a CBD oil should contain the specific concentration of cannabidiol that it claims to.

It should also contain whatever other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids which the manufacturer says that it does. These should be present in “full spectrum” products.

Where purity is concerned, you do not want potentially harmful fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals in your CBD products.

It is also important to check the THC content of a CBD oil product, especially for a dog. Only trace amounts should be present, and not sufficient THC to have an effect on your pet.

How to Check Third-Party Test Results

In a perfect world, you’ll find this info very easily and clearly.

How to view third-party test results depends on the manufacturer and where they have posted this information. They may have it centralized and searchable, or it might be on each individual product page.

CBD oil products are tested in batches, so there will be a particular batch number to look up.

Some companies also provide this information with your product when you purchase it. When you open your package, the batch results might be included right there so that you do not have to look for them online.

Remember, just because a third party has tested the product does not mean that that third-party is automatically trustworthy.

Remember, slapping “Organic” on the package does not mean it’s better. Check those ingredient labels!

Do your research on any third-party lab before you trust the results to make sure that they are reputable and reliable with their testing.

Some CBD oil companies may conduct their own testing in-house. In-house testing is not equivalent to third-party testing in terms of establishing trust. A third-party has no bias, but obviously, the CBD oil company does.

There is nothing wrong with conducting in-house testing. In fact, it is a good thing. But it cannot replace third-party verification of purity and potency of the CBD oil product.

Ideally, you will be able to do both in-house and third-party test results.

If you are wondering just what kind of ailments and health conditions can possibly be treated with CBD, just check this out.

You Do Not Need to Take the Quality of a CBD Oil for Your Dog on Faith

There is no reason to play guessing games with your dog’s health. Today, the advent of third-party laboratory testing for supplements such as CBD oil means that you can find out exactly what a product contains before you purchase it.

This ensures that you are receiving the best value for your money, and that your dog can take advantage of the full spectrum of benefits of a pure and potent CBD oil.

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