Would CBD Oil Get My Dog High?

If you are considering CBD oil as a treatment for your dog, you may be concerned about whether or not this type of product can get your dog “high.”

It is good that you are a responsible pet owner, and that you are asking important questions like this before purchasing a new supplement for your dog.

The short answer to your question is “No. CBD oil will not get your dog high.”

So that you can understand why this is the case and feel confident purchasing CBD for your dog, let’s delve a bit deeper into this topic.

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Why Does Marijuana Get Us High?

To understand why CBD is safe for your dog, you need to understand why you get high when you use marijuana.

Terra… Tetrahydra… Tetrawhat?

The psychoactive compound in marijuana which produces a high is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The concentration of THC in marijuana varies depending on the strain, but usually it is somewhere between 15-40%.

CBD Itself Does Not Produce a High

Like THC, CBD (which is short for “cannabidiol”) is a cannabinoid. But unlike THC, it does not have psychoactive effects.

Instead, CBD appears to exert a healing effect on the body, working through the endocannabinoid system.

Both human beings and dogs have this system, as do cats and horses.

CBD Products Are Typically Made from Industrial Hemp Extract

You now are aware of two key points:

  • The compound in marijuana which gets us high it is called THC.
  • CBD, unlike THC, does not accept the psychoactive effect.

The next important thing to know about CBD products is that they are generally sourced from industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp, like marijuana, is a type of cannabis, but there is a very important difference.

As mentioned earlier, the concentration of THC in marijuana is usually anywhere from 15-40%.

By contrast, the concentration of THC in industrial hemp is generally around only 0.3%.

Oftentimes, it is even lower than that.

Reputable Brands Conduct Testing On Their CBD Products to Ensure That They Don’t Contain THC

Not only are CBD products usually sourced from industrial hemp with low THC content, but trusted brands leave nothing to chance.

They contract with third-party labs to test their CBD products to make sure that they contain only trace amounts of THC, and that they are in all other respects uncontaminated, pure and potent.

You should be able to find these test results for each batch directly on the manufacturer’s website.

If you cannot locate them, contact customer service to have them sent to you.

To check out some of the brands we have used and trust, take a look here.

So, you now are familiar with two more key points:

  • CBD products for dogs (and humans, at that rate) are made using extract from industrial hemp which is low in THC content.
  • Reputable manufacturers subject their products to third-party testing to make sure that they do not contain significant amounts of THC.
Chad may be able to get you some weed, but there’s not a single reason to see him about your dog.

You now understand why your dog will not get high from using CBD products, at least so long as you are going through reputable manufacturers.

Indeed, this is why it is so important to conduct thorough brand research before you choose a CBD product for your pet.

While there are a number of excellent, trusted manufacturers of pet CBD products on the market, there are some shady sellers too that you need to avoid.

Is It Important to Keep Your Dog from Getting “High?”

While you were wondering about this topic, you might also be curious how important it is to make sure that your dog doesn’t get high from cannabis products.

After all, if you have used marijuana to get high yourself, you probably found the experience a pleasant one.

You are not a dog, however. This article paraphrases Dr. Carly Fox, DVM, as saying,  “that some of the marijuana effects that a dog may exhibit include ataxia (loss of coordination that can show up as an uncoordinated or “drunken” walk), incontinence and hypersensitivity to touch. They can also be especially hypersensitive to sounds. During a physical exam, a vet may also notice a slower heart rate and lower temperature than normal.”

This is not a fun experience for a dog.

Plus, complications can be lethal, especially if a human being makes another mistake.

THC has a disabling effect on gag reflex. So if you try to induce vomiting in a dog that has gotten high off THC, this action can actually result in respiratory failure and subsequent death.

So yes — you are entirely right to be concerned about the effects of THC on dogs, and wise to choose products which will not result in a high.

In Conclusion: CBD Products Which Have Been Tested and Found to Contain No Significant THC Will Not Get Your Dog High

Now you know about the effects of THC on dogs, and you also are aware that high-quality CBD products for pets contain no significant amounts of THC.

As a result, they will not get your pet high, and will not cause dangerous side effects or complications.

Just make sure that you do your research and purchase CBD oil for dogs from a trustworthy brand.

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