If you have used marijuana, you know very well that it can give you a case of the “munchies.” This effect is commonly attributed to its THC content.

So if you are thinking about getting your dog CBD oil for the first time, you may be wondering whether you can expect a similar reaction. Will your dog suddenly start demanding more food or craving more treats?

CBD Oil for Dogs Does Not Contain Significant THC

For starters, CBD oil for dogs is specifically formulated so that it will not contain more than trace amounts of THC.

These trace amounts should have no effect on your pet. They will not provoke cravings, nor will they produce any psychoactive effects.

You can verify the CBD product you are thinking of purchasing does not contain significant THC by checking its third-party laboratory testing results.

Nom, nom nom… Move over dude…

CBD Improves Metabolism, But Does Not Appear to Trigger Cravings

Now that we’ve clarified that CBD oil for dogs will not stimulate appetite through the action of THC, let’s take a closer look at CBD itself.

Royal Queen Seeds states, “As opposed to THC, CBD doesn’t trigger the brain mechanisms that activate the munchies. This cannabinoid acts instead as an antagonist of the CB1 receptor, softening some effects generated by THC, included the craving for food. Consequently, high-CBD strains do not stimulate cravings, and it’s unlikely that using CBD products such as oils, tinctures, or capsules would either.”

In the same article, Royal Queen Seeds also explains that CBD can enhance fat breakdown while inhibiting fat production, so it could even potentially have a slimming effect.

CBD Could Enhance Appetite in Some Dogs Indirectly

Even on a CBD schedule, your dogs appetite should remain unaffected.

Based on the information above, we can easily conclude that CBD will not produce the “munchies” in your dog (or in you, for that matter).

Nonetheless, it does seem possible that in certain scenarios, CBD could lead to an increase in appetite in dogs which have a low appetite begin with.

This would likely be an indirect effect. Consider some of the health conditions which CBD can be used to treat:

Any of these health conditions can lead to a decrease in appetite as a symptom. By treating the underlying condition, it may be possible to restore a healthy appetite.

So if you have a dog which has not been eating sufficiently because of depression, for example, and CBD oil helps to reduce that depression, you might notice your dog eating more as a result.

Likewise, if a dog has been avoiding food because of pain, and CBD oil decreases that pain, the dog’s interest in food could be renewed.

CBD Treats Are Delicious

With so many options, there’s got to be something your Fido will love.

There is one other possible reason why giving your dog CBD could feasibly result in increased cravings for treats, but which has nothing to do with the CBD specifically.

If you choose to administer CBD to your pet in the form of CBD treats or biscuits, you should not be surprised if your dog becomes a big fan.

There are many delicious CBD biscuits which are formulated with flavors that dogs love.

Because they are so tasty, those CBD treats may be in high demand in your household.

In Conclusion: CBD Won’t Give Your Dog the Munchies, But May Restore Healthy Appetite

We can conclude from existing research that CBD-based products which do not contain THC will not directly increase appetite in pets or humans.

For dogs which have been suffering from a reduced appetite, an increased appetite is possible if the CBD oil helps to treat the underlying condition—but this is a good thing.

And if you choose to buy CBD biscuits for your dog, your pet could get really hooked on them — but only because they taste so delicious!

Give CBD for dogs a try, and look forward to possible benefits for your pet like a healthy appetite, improved metabolism, and a love for CBD treats!

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